11 modern portrait photography artists that will blow your mind

11 modern portrait photography artists that will blow your mind

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Being one of the portrait photography artists I have always been eager to find talent and inspiration in my niche in form of other “portrait photography artists”. And I am happy to show you people the list of best modern portrait photography artists that are going to blow your mind.

Portrait photography artists are easy to find but finding good ones is a real deal. There are some all-time great photographers living today but this list is all about the photographers that are practicing their skills in modern world. Who are these people see the list down below to find out.

You will also realize that almost all portrait photography artists in this list are from Instagram. Why? Because this list is about modern portrait photography artists. Either you are just starting or have pro skills, I seriously suggest you to make your profile on Instagram because this is what sort of essential now a days. Because the audience on Instagram is crazy in terms of numbers and every photographer wants exposure if I am not mistaken. So bottom line join Instagram to show case your talent and see talent of some other photographers.

(Photographers above in list are not greater than those below in list, I have put artists randomly in list)

1- Brandon Woelfel

Okay! This guy currently based in New York, USA is crazy. He has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 400,000 followers on Twitter.

The reason I have put him in my list is the colors he develop in his photographs. He has two general styles: warm toned photos and cool toned photos and apart from those two general styles he also has some styles that are too unique for anyone to adopt. Why I am saying this? Well you cannot know unless you take a look at his Instagram profile.

Photo from Brandon Woelfel Instagram

Above is his one of the pictures (model here is @laurdiy) and you will see that how much details he has put in it especially in terms of colors. Skin tones are just perfect along with the teal and rose tinted background lights. What amazing here is that he did not take these shots in studio this all was taken on public road sideways, Yes! You got it right.

This what makes him great no external lights (I have seen him using iPhone flash light sometimes LOL), no sets involved, most of the models he has in his photos are not professional fashion models too and most importantly his hard work of shooting everyday (he said that he is photographing every day in one of his YouTube videos).

2- Dani Diamonds

This guy is also based in New York, USA and has over (as of 09. 03. 2018) 287,000 followers on Instagram. Well one of his sayings is “Was not born talented, was born ambitious”, I do not know if he was born talented or not but he surely is extremely talented now.

The reason why he is in the list is his characteristic tone of photos which is consistent among almost all of his photos. Not to forget the compositions he arranges for his photos are absolutely gorgeous for portraits. The fairly tight head shots in one case and well clicked full body shots in another case are happening to be great in portrait photography niche.

photo from dani diamonds instagram

Above is one of his pictures from shoot done for @littleprimofficial. Just look at composition of photo, in my opinion it is not easy to get a good pose out of children especially if they are two or more in photo. But the way he has made them pose along with the tone of photo complementing the pose is fabulous.

3- Nawal Mazhar

She has thousands of followers on Instagram and is based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Well her Bio as of now says “it’s ok to be awkward”. But boy! Her photos are not awkward at all.

Why I have chosen her for list is simple, she has no definite characteristic style of portrait photography. In some cases she has been seen with head shots in others with splendid half and full body shots. But whatever she has been seen with is drop dead beautiful.

The best thing I like about her photography is that she does not have professional models for her photos (at least not every time I guess) but still the poses she manages to get out of her photos are breath taking.

photo from nawal mazhar instagram

Above I have quoted one of her photos, I think those photos should be enough to prove her presence in list. Just look at the way she has used reflections as positive sweet distraction along with us of greenish tint in other photo. In general we refer these kinds of things as distractions but I never knew distractions could be so sweet. Well done Nawal!

4- Luiz Claudio

Luiz Claudio aka luizclas is another mind boggling São Paulo based portrait photography artist. He has over quarter million followers on Instagram and is among one of the most unique portrait photography artists around.

If I have to give a reason why he is in this list of 11 modern portrait photography artists, I would simply point towards his amazing specific color tone of photos. Most of his photos has a rich reddish tone that just looks majestic. After seeing his photos you would realize that it is not just his tone that makes his photos great there is more to it. That more is his intelligent subject posing the way he makes his subjects pose is intelligent in a sense, posing looks candid where behind curtain it is not candid but carefully crafted. One more amazing thing about him is that a lot of his work has not been done with professional models which definitely gives hope to people who does not afford to hire professional models for photo shoots.

photo from luiz claudio instagram

Above I have embedded one of his photos for reference. You can see, see all of it his toning and intelligent posing as well as the natural environment makes him great among portrait photography artists. He makes us realize that it is not necessary to have professional models or extremely crafted sets and studios for producing great photos it is just amazing uniqueness and intelligence. This is what it all takes.

5- Ivan Flores and Isabel Flores

This couple is goals! They are located in Dallas, Texas, have lesser number of followers on Instagram as compared to other portrait photography artists in list but they are not less capable.

The reason they are in this list is simple, they do real portrait photography. What do I mean by that? I wanted to say they play with their portrait characters or subjects in real time. The way they costume them in most of their photos along with sculpting splendid expressions is just out of this world.

taken by @iflophoto

In above photo of Ivan Flores and Isabel Flores you can clearly see the hard work they have put in to take those photos the way they have costumed their objects along with facial and body expressions are amazing. Their wonderful portfolio certainly qualifies them for a position in list of top portrait photography artists.

6- Selasie Atitsogbui

Selasie Atitsogbui aka pixslrate is a photographer based in Accra, Ghana. He has quite a nice following on Instagram and Behance and is growing day by day.

The reason he is here in my list is simple, he is Picasso of handling environment. The way he handles environment makes it look like part of model. The way he costumes models make models look like part of environment. He is a perfect blender of model and environment and the fantasy theme his photos have is just out of this planet. Martians would take him any day back.

taken by @pixslrate

In above photo it is quite evident why he is one of best portrait photography artists. Just look at the way he has costumed his model, has controlled over all exposure and expressions to make a perfect well blended photo. His photos does not seem like have separate model and environment everything seems to be in unity, wonderful!

7- Jessica Kobeissi

Originally from Middle East, Jessica Kobeissi now lives in Michigan, USA. She has over a million subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands on Instagram. So, she is quiet popular but is she quiet good to be in the list of best portrait photography artists of modern world? Yes!

The reason she is in list is very different from other ones in list. She is here not just because of her photographs but majorly because of the reason she has inspired hundreds of thousands of photographers to improve their skills, to keep on moving, to keep on learning. Her journey has been amazing and it should have been amazing because if you inspire just one artist from your art you have done the work of your side. Thanks! Jessica Kobeissi.

photo by jessica kobeissi

In above photo you can clearly see her uniqueness. She does not go for expensive or much fantasized costumes or super models. It looks like she believes in notion of simplicity which is definitely the reason she had been able to inspire that huge audience. She definitely deserves a spot in list of best portrait photography artists.

8- Rebeca Saray

Rebeca Saray is based in Madrid, Spain and has quiet an attraction on Behance and Instagram. The reason is her mesmerizing fantasized work. By far in list of best portrait photography artists she is at the top when the word fantasy comes by. Well-deserved though!

The reason why is she in the list has already been told. She is queen of fantasy. Both of her negative and positive fantasy is amazingly parallel to perfection. She is one of the photographers who knows what is she doing. The feminine nature she brings out from most of the female models in her photographs is unbelievably sleek. If she ever participates in competition in which you have participated, just run away otherwise you would maybe extremely humiliated by nature of her fantasized photos.

taken by rebeca saray

In above photo there is a reason why is she in list of best portrait photography artists. The reason that I can never explain. Her photography speaks for her. I do not need to say a word in her praise.

9- Andrea Carretta

Andrea Carretta is an Italy based photographer having a decent audience on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and 500px. this photographer’s main area of expertise under portrait photography is his control over lighting. The control over lighting is so impressive that he has earned a spot in list of best portrait photography artists.

His main reason of being in this list of best portrait photography artists is not just his awesome lighting but also the selection of environment of his photos as well as expressions he brings out from his models.

taken by andrea c.

Like in above photo you can clearly see why I referred him as an awesome lighting controller. Light in above photo is just brilliant and spot on not to forget his environment selection and handling. The pose is just sweet to taste.

10- Karina Boissonnier

Karina Boissonnier is a French photographer based in Tampere, Finland. She has a good fan following on internet mainly because of her distinctive style of portrait photography.

The reason of her being in the list of best portrait photography artists is unique. She, like some other photographers in the list likes to create fantasy in her clicks but in a kind of scary, dark way. Looks like she is one of those people who have seen ghosts and are now trying to produce amazing pictures to second what she witnessed.

we are free


If you did not get what I was trying to say, just look at above reference photos. Are not they unique? Are not they amazing? Yes they are. She definitely deserves to be in the list of best portrait photography artists.

11- You

Guess what, you are last spot holder in the list of top portrait photography artists.

Why are you in list? Because I believe in you and now you can create what is going to be just phenomenal and amazing.

Just do not stop producing amazing content. Success will come to you in no time.


This list of best portrait photography artists was made to inspire you to produce quality content, motivate you to keep on improving and keep doing what you love. It definitely takes time to become a good artist but it definitely worth it.

Never stop hustling, Trust yourself and keep on practicing. No creator is bigger than other creator. Good Luck! If you think there needs to be an addition in this article then head over here and talk to us.

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