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Photography & Psychology

Hey there! Welcome to thelied.com. This platform is all about Photography and Psychology, and yes definitely it is also about photo-psychology which is mixture of two.

There are a lot of photography blogs are out there putting great content and as a creator I respect that Because I know it is really tough to produce content. But photography is such a wide field that I believe we have less creators and more traffic which is somehow creating imbalance in photography knowledge base. So photography section of this website is dedicated to all sort of stuff relating to photography: news, reviews, tips and tricks, tutorials and fun photography stuff too. We ensure you enjoy what we are enjoying.

Like photography there are also many psychology blogs out there but the thing That I have observed is that unlike photography psychology blogs are not that big and great here on web so this is why I have also added a section of psychology here to show how human mind works and how to control it plus there is also going to be a lot of fun stuff because after all psychology is all about fun.

Emphasis will also be laid to show you people how human mind relates to broad topic of psychology and vice versa. So , without further ado let’s give you the most valuable content of it’s class so open our blog articles and enjoy. We would love if you share them:-).


Nabeegh SA

Founder & Head Editor-thelied.com