This is why women should avoid Nikon DSLRs

This is why women should avoid Nikon DSLRs

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Nikon, the imaging giant has been around for like 100 years now. Nikon surely got fame because of it’s highly capable and well designed cameras and lenses it has produced in every interval of time such as  Nikon SP, Nikon I, M and S and Nikon D800 which are the biggest feathers in hat of Nikon.

But Nikon was not done and it made something that came with 45.7 megapixels, 7 FPS continuous shooting, 64-25600 expandable ISO range. what? that’s not enough for you, well than add 4k UHD, 9 FPS optional shooting and 150+ point AF system to it. Ladies and gentlemen this is Nikon D850 for you.

But Nikon Why…..

Nikon made D850 so refined that it thought only men could handle it. This expression was seen when 32 face photographers were selected for shooting with Nikon D850 in Tokyo, Japan where not even single photographer was female.This certainly  indicates that Nikon has to learn that women not only look good in front of camera but they can definitely stand out behind it. So, down here are some women with Nikon who are showcasing you don’t need to be a man to handle Nikon. So Nikon here we go:


A photographer from London Knocking out Nikon.

Erika Larsen

Another photographer to knockout Nikon.

Jenn Ackerman

Okay Nikon take it, this photographer’s work has been published in Newyork times, Nat Geo and more.

Moral of the Story:

Not only Nikon should be blamed for this as many industries have male dominance but this is also because most of the women do not want to get out and  beat the crap out of the hurdles and show they are also capable as much as men are. It is not about feminism it is not it is about making women realize that they are as good as men if only they work hard to beat the hell out of norms and show creativity is not limited to gender.

So, Nikon and others we are all set to see some women in upcoming imaging products as faces of brand.

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